How To Date A Busy Girl

How To Date A Busy Girl

Dating a busy girl can be one of the hardest and most frustrating tasks in the world of dating. If a guy really likes a girl but she is too busy to reciprocate the time and effort being given to her, what does a guy do?

Here are some tips on how to survive when dating a busy girl and eventually win her heart:

-Is she really busy?

The first thing that a guy should ask when dating a busy girl is “is she really busy?” It is a fact- women tend to give excuses to guys whom they don’t really like. Women are sensitive of men’s feelings and that’s why they tend to candy-coat certain realities. Another possibility is that she likes the guy but she is experiencing some kind of apprehension towards dating him. After a certain period in dating, pressure, doubts and insecurities tend to come in the picture. A girl might need some time to be able to think on her own about some things that might be giving her nightmares.

A guy must be sensitive enough to be able to look into a woman’s mind. If a guy is into dating a busy girl, he might have some idea of what’s the real deal after some time. If the girl is really busy, then the steps below might help.

-Is the scenario comfortable?

If the girl is just too busy to able to have ample time for dating, one must ask oneself if he is comfortable with this scheme. We are not talking about married life and thus, the door to other opportunities is still open.

Another possibility is that it is simply just the wrong time to be dating her. No one should be forced into getting into relationships even in dates. The parties should talk about it to be able to get more comfortable with each other. There are 24 hours a day and some times, it just takes effort to be more efficient to be able to save some time to do other things. Some times, being busy is just not an excuse.

-Thoughtful actions

If the talk has been done and both parties decide to continue dating, the guy must be able to make his way through the lack of time and stiff schedules. Leaving simple notes or giving simple surprises on her desk or have someone deliver something for her would really make her feel special. This will give her an impression that one is really serious about her even if she is too busy to manifest her own feelings.

Being thoughtful will make a girl think night and day. She will be reminded of one’s efforts whenever she sees a simple token of one’s thoughts.

-Use technology

The modern world has made everyone much busier. But the good thing is that it has given the modern man great tools to go about everyday living. Technology has come a long way in bridging people together. With the advent of high-tech communication tools such as cellular phones and the Internet, one can be able to communicate with others.

One must know how to use these tools if he’s dating a busy girl. He can send her text messages or captioned pictures through his cellular phone. Instant messengers such as MSN and Yahoo messenger can also be a way to constantly talk to her. They are also free of charge, so one can actually save some bucks when using them.

Giving her a call once in a while is also advised since hearing one’s voice is the next best thing to meeting someone (excluding the use of 3rd generation cellular phones).

-Make each date special

In dating a busy girl, the number of dates can be limited because of her schedule. So, one must find ways of making each and every date a special and memorable one. Spending time to get the logistics right should be done if one is not too busy himself. Make sure that the talks also develop with each date to assure that the relationship is going somewhere.

-Get occupied

Dating a busy girl may actually drive someone crazy. Some guys tend to do nothing but think about their girls whenever they have nothing else to do. One must be able to find ways of having fun, learning new things or getting new hobbies can be ways of doing that.

Dating a busy girl is a worthwhile thing to do as long as a guy sees that there is something special about the girl. Dating a busy girl just for the sake of dating can really be a waste of time, so one must make sure that he is dating the right (even though busy) girl.

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