Avoid Cyber Stalking-Netiquette For Rejecting Profiles

Avoid Cyber Stalking-Netiquette For Rejecting Profiles

Dating services online can be a fun place to meet new people, but because of the anonymity involved with dating online, you run a certain risk that the person you are striking up a conversation with isn’t exactly who they say they are. Breaking off an online romance or even simply rejecting a profile emailed through an online dating service can be tricky if you don’t do it with some finesse.

Cyber stalking is defined as unwanted contact or threats via email or instant messaging. Cyber stalkers can be relentless, sending mean and inappropriate emails so many times in one day that you no longer look forward to checking your email. They can also send pornographic material or even viruses disguised as apologies (Which you are more likely to open.)

Take heart, there are hundreds of online dating sites, from free dating services online to monthly or yearly membership dating sites, so don’t give up, just learn the netiquette involved with saying “no” to a profile sent to you via adult dating online.

Online dating tips for saying “no thanks” include:

• Do not send a reply. It is very bad manners not to open an email, but once you have and would not like to have further contact, just do not reply. In internet language this is a common form of showing no interest, and is considered appropriate.

• If someone whom you have not replied to keeps sending you emails, use the sender block on your email, that’s what it’s for.

• If you are in a chat room and realize that the person you are chatting with probably isn’t a good match, tell them so nicely and wish them well. Wait for a reply and kindly sign off.

• Always be kind and polite, but say nothing that could be construed as an indication that you might change your mind. Cyber stalkers, like “flesh and blood” stalkers, often believe that the other party did something to lead them on, even if you didn’t, so leave no margin for error.

Always report this sort of abuse to the online dating service. A reputable company that provides adult dating online will censure or terminate someone who has reports of harassment.

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