Online Dating Statistics in the US

Online Dating Statistics in the US

Ever heard of online dating? If you’re the introverted type of person, shy, scared of rejections and unable to start a conversation, then maybe its high time for you to check out online dating. This might be just the right place for you. The Internet is the fastest way to online dating.

There are a lot of local as well as international online dating services that you can choose from, since the Internet typically has no boundaries, you can communicate with a lot of people from different places and races.

Through online dating, you gain a lot of experience. You can communicate with several people simultaneously and encounter a number of people with the same interest as you. You might even find your ‘soul mate’ through online dating…. you’ll never know. And most importantly, you’ll find new good friends, even if you can’t find your ‘love’ on the net.

You have a lot to thank the Internet for having this online dating. Since then, the Internet became quite a popular place for most singles looking for their date in cyberspace. Many people enter into a relationship online, although they have never met personally and know very little about the other person.

A lot of people find online dating very useful but there are those who are against it. Some take it negatively thinking that the person on the other side may not be who he says he is. You may be able to encounter people with inferiority complex and will definitely not want to meet you in person. Some say online dating is time-consuming and addictive, and that if you’re really into online dating, time will come when you can’t tell a real friend from a cyber friend. Well, these are only some of the online dating ‘cons’. It’s really up to you. Just be sure you don’t get carried away, play-it-safe and use your common sense in everything you do.

Check out this various statistics results.

There are an increasing number of men and women hooked up in online dating. About 48% of American men and 58% women are into online dating. Online dating statistics show that they have used different dating agencies that helped them a lot in the dating scene.

What do most singles look for a date in today’s times? It was said before that men love to date skinnier women, but a certain survey proved it wrong. Men are more attracted to the average female figure.

Dating statistics have showed that 67% of single American men and 86% of singles American women prefers someone who smiles a lot than a person who has great looks but with no personality at all. Looks is not that important nowadays.

Dig this……… men prefer older prettier women than younger women. Can you imagine that? Statistics show that there is a great shift of men’s interests. You can consider that a ‘big blow’ on a young woman’s self-esteem.

Beauty is not the only consideration when dating online. Statistics further shows that intelligence, self-confidence, optimistic attitude, and having the same hobbies/interests are equally important. People find it easier to talk to a person of the same level.

It was even statistically proven that having a relationship is healthier than not having one at all. Most people probably agree that over 90% of Americans end up getting married.

According to a certain survey, 51% of single men had over six first dates in just a year. While 58% of single women on the other hand, had just about four dates in a year.

Online dating doesn’t cost that much. But 51% of American men spends an amount over 0 a month on dates, 29% spends over 0 while 2/3 of women spends or less in a month.

Statistics show that 48% of first-dates usually end with a kiss and over 90% of single men/women were quite nervous making their first kiss.

Whatever statistics is showing, it doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is to be just you, even if it’s only online dating. You can have so much fun in online dating, and who knows…….. you might find that special person just for you. And then maybe you might end up dating in person.

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