How to Attract Women on Dating Sites

How to Attract Women on Dating Sites

The explosion of online dating sites has created a bit of a pickle for single guys looking to meet an interesting and successful woman online. Some men fear that women on dating sites misrepresent themselves, which they worry could lead to disappointment when meeting in person. While this may be true of some women, in general most females who create a serious online profile on a dating site and are looking for a legitimate dating partner will be primarily truthful in both their profiles and their photos. Women worry that men will be similarly untruthful, but likewise they should put those fears aside and (at least initially) focus on trying to find a good match and worry about potential misrepresentation later.

Unfortunately, part of the problem is rooted in the different ways that men and women perceive one another and a misunderstanding of what may be the important things that lead to attraction between the sexes. For a man to successfully attract women on dating sites, he needs to first be aware that many women are looking primarily for someone who stimulates them intellectually more than physically. While physical attraction is important to women on dating sites, being able to hold an intelligent conversation goes a long way to proving that you’re an intellectual match for the female of your choice. Therefore, before you meet a woman in person for a live date, make sure you’ve spent plenty of time conversing with her via e-mail and let her see that you are capable of holding her attention. Once you’ve established yourself as someone she can speak comfortably with, you’re more likely to have success with her on a real, live date.

Remember guys, women on dating sites are pretty much the same as women you first meet in person.

And as for men, women on dating sites who are seeking a serious relationship with a man they might meet online should realize that many men are insecure about certain parts of themselves, despite putting on a brave front or a macho exterior. Like men, women on dating sites who are meeting men online should spend a good deal of time conversing via e-mail to get a good understanding of just who he is. Look for those insecurities, and when the time comes to meet in person, you’ll have a good handle on how to give him the attention he needs to help boost his confidence. A confident, self-assured man is going to typically be a more fun and engaging date for a woman than a man who is insecure and afraid.

When it comes to attracting women on dating sites, or for women seeking a dating partner among men on dating sites, the best advice is to put aside your preconceived notions or worries about potential misrepresentation and instead focus on first creating a long line of e-mail correspondence before meeting up in person. In this way you’ll get a much better idea of who you’re talking with, and through that interaction make a much more informed decision about meeting for a real, live date.

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