Dating is now free

Dating is now free

Why are you paying for your dating services? Do they provide you with amazing benefits that you couldn’t get elsewhere? Maybe, but I sincerely doubt it. Free dating that is ad supported, allows site owners to offer their services for free to the public. There are literally thousands of these sites all over the Internet for every type of person imaginable. And really, going with a smaller site makes so much sense, because everyone has “types” that they look for in a mate. If you are on a huge general dating site with millions of people, you are paying the sites a lot of money to search their database for your “type”. This is a bit silly. It is silly, because now you can find a site specific to your type, that, by its very nature, will have already collected thousands of people who you would consider dating.

For instance, if you are an animal lover, you would naturally find a niche dating site that supports animal lovers. Your other option is to go to a paid dating warehouse and pay them /month, or some other huge figure, to pick animal lovers out of 1,000,000 other profiles. This is not a wise use of your money or time. The search engines these dating warehouses use will find the word dog in the person’s profile and then tell you it’s a good match for you. And the majority of the time the word dog does not mean that they like dogs. It could mean they hate dogs, and the search engine just picked up the word dog. Maybe they typed in that they like the movie Reservoir Dogs. Oh yeah, that’s a great match again. You get sent information about false leads generated by a machine and the site owner’s pocket your money. Well, you need put up with this no longer my dating friends, an Internet revolution is underway. Use search engines to your advantage. Go to your favorite engine and type in your life’s passion followed by dating.

The search engine will generate a great many sites that you can take advantage of that are free to use. Free is good. Many of these sites have amazing tools because they are created by small business owners with superior computing skills, and they get paid for their hard work through sponsored ads on their sites. This means you pay nothing. And these sites are not junk. Let’s take a look at a site called PlentyofFish as an example. The filtering tools on this site are pretty amazing for a free site. You can filter based on geographic location(by miles), age, country, and preferences. This cuts down on huge amounts of spam messages that will waste your time to no end on other dating sites. Developers of these free dating sites are actually interested in making a platform that works for their users. A large corporation is just interested in getting you to enter into a yearly subscription plan so they can book the revenue. They market themselves to death so they are in your face all day long. Use the net to find love for free.

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